Lonnie S. Coggins, Senior Building Enclosure Consultant

Lonnie S. Coggins, MBA, RCI

Lonnie Coggins combines his education, certifications and two decades of work experience to offer a wide range of skills. He has vast knowledge of roof, waterproofing, and building enclosure investigation, where he uses technology like Infrared and moisture testing to provide information of the building assessment to his project team and to the client. The client often consist of property owners, property managers, architects, and contractors where his experience and leadership on a project ensure client satisfaction. Due to his diverse understanding of all components of building enclosures, Lonnie is also able to provide litigation support to clients in need of professional consulting services.

As the Senior Field Services Technician, Lonnie is often on site and he is always in direct contact with the client. He has done extensive work on government and military buildings. Similarly, he is trained and certified to work in the healthcare construction environment. Lonnie’s interest in solar energy led him to two specialty certifications in the energy field. Equally important, he is a level 2 firestop professional and part of his project management and quality assurance monitoring is to identify active and passive fire protection of a building enclosure. Furthermore, he is a licensed Asbestos Inspector and is able to test materials during the inspection process and provide the client with the proper report so they may receive their demolition permit and safely remove the materials.

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