Building Performance

We can't stress enough the importance of building maintenance and have performed Quality Assurance/ Quality Control on everything from newly constructed to historic projects. Our firm's staff have received specialized training in Property Conditions Assessments by ASTM and AAMA and are Certified Construction Contract Administrators. We are able to perform fenestration testing, blower door testing, and asbestos sampling. Issues involving building envelopes such as waterproofing can easily be identified, solved, and communicated to the best contractors in the region for repair. We employ sophisticated diagnostic equipment such as thermographic cameras, unmanned aerial systems (drone), and hygrothermal modeling.


Asbestos Sampling 

Before the 1970's, many types of building materials and products that contained asbestos were used in construction. Potential health risks occur when asbestos fibers are exposed and inhaled.

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Blower Door Testing 

Blower door testing determines the air infiltration rate of a building. Energy efficiency incentive programs require a blower door test to confirm the tightness of the building envelope.

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Fenestration Testing 

We perform testing to determine water penetration of installed exterior windows and doors as well as quality assurance and diagnostic water leakage field checking of installed storefronts and curtain walls.


HALL is able to carry out Property Condition Assessments (PCAs) which are vital for clients wanting to know the condition of property they may be in the process of purchasing, leasing, financing, or maintaining.


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