Our Approach

Rational and Pragmatic. Our collective attitude is that excellence will be achieved when the problems and potentials of program, budget, and site are fully resolved within the design of the project.

Our process is program-based, with significant client participation throughout all phases. We investigate, identify, and evaluate all information on the project while studying similar projects in order to learn and take advantage of their experiences.

At this point, we formulate a number of alternative organizational strategies, and together with the client, test their validity against function, budget, site, life cycle costing, and other constraints. Communication of ideas at the initial stages of the project is accomplished by means of small-scale diagrams of activity relationships and other pertinent information presented in the form of three-dimensional models or renderings. These increase in scale and complexity throughout the design process, to convey concepts, options, concerns, responses, and decisions.

In this manner, the client participates in the formulation and refinement of the design at every level. Function, as well as architectural character, is developed from the outset of the process, not later applied. The design team has, as a part of its composition, experts in structural, mechanical, and electrical, as well as interior design. These experts are a part of the process from the initial stages, further ensuring that value engineering is an integral part of the design from concept through to completion and occupation of the building.

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